Friday, July 31, 2009

Seeing All The Angles

While spending time the other day in Empire - Fulton Ferry Park, located under the Manhattan Bridge overpass - DUMBO - in Brooklyn, I looked for ways to show the famous bridges - the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, in different ways since those spans have been photographed millions of times. And taking advantage of the surroundings was my key to success. There are several sculptures on the grounds and incorporating them in the photos gave the 'mature' subjects - the bridges - a different look. Here's a tower of the Manhattan seen through the curves of an art piece - making it appear bigger than it really is and rendering the bridge a smaller element in the composition.

I had to twist and turn to find an angle as I faced a stand of mirrored hands that reflected the Manhattan Bridge behind me while the south tower of the Brooklyn Bridge loomed in front of me.
I'll return to the park on a sunny - blue sky - puffy white cloud day - and really get some nice shots with more color in them.

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