Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ Artwork

The artist, D.E. Cayard, says he sold the canvas he's looking at, for $3500 to a visitor from Japan. He's sitting outside the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, a few days before the Michael Jackson memorial service in Los Angeles. Cayard said he was on TV three different times Saturday talking about his tribute to Jackson. And since he didn't size me up as much competition in terms of copying his style, he urged me to take as many photos as I wanted. Some artists are very sensitive about people snapping pictures of their works - fearing cheap knockoffs or blown-up versions of their creations ending up on a wall at a fraction of buying the real thing.
These other artistic tributes to Jackson were done in a more impromptu - but no less impressive -way on the condolence wall outside of the Apollo. It's amazing to me how someone can capture the essence of a person with some simple lines on a blank sheet. I think the worldwide TV viewing audience for the Jackson memorial will be in the billions.


D.E. Cayard said...

Who's bad?
Celebrate one of the greatest men that the world has experienced. The baddest performer every to record and perform.

All media and press are invited to a celebration for the One and Only King Michael Jackson.
Free appetizers for the media. Topics include the Michael Jackson wall and shrine, community development, and artists united pay respect to M.J. in there special way.

The famous D.E. Cayard, artist and preservationist of the Michael Jackson wall and shrine in Harlem in association with BBQ Harlem will be hosting a media and V.I.P. party.

August 28 and 29, 2009 at 2367 Frederick Douglas Boulevard Harlelm NY 10027 (corner of 127th street and 8th ave).(212) 222-1922.

D.E. Cayard, guardian of the Michael Jackson wall and shrine has been featured in the New York Amsterdam twice including the Black New Yorker of the week. D.E. his protested the Apollo theater's lack of leadership to preserve mj's memory after the cameras were gone. Apollo has been accused of not showing love to the mj shrine and wall. D.E. has a huge following in international news as well and has been blogged about continually. (see pontushook.blogspot.com)

Questions, comments, information:
Taz, Public Relations
(347) 662-0248

tash said...

You can now visit D.E. Cayard at his web site.