Saturday, July 25, 2009

90% Luck - 10% Skill

Trying to get really good shots of lighting can be a hit or miss proposition. And I landed on both sides following Friday's game at Yankee Stadium. There was no rain, but plenty of thunder accompanied by lighting flashes over the ballpark.

So I stood on the nearby subway platform stairs and tried to guess when the lighting would appear and then press the shutter button on my camera.

The first picture is my favorite because of the amount of light in the sky.

The second picture though does have a small lighting bolt in the center of the shot. These are two of about six pictures that came out decently - the other 50 or 60 shots I took were deleted on the train ride home because I completely missed the lighting flashes and just had black sky over the stadium. Click on the pictures for full-screen versions of both photos.

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