Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remembering 9/11

And here is the shot I was thinking about getting all day.  The Lights Tribute directly next to the new One World Trade Center which is always done up in red, white and blue.  I'm on a Staten Island Ferry boat - which is a free ride - using my point-and-shoot Panasonic camera's zoom to frame the buildings for the shot.
I wanted this view - and many other people did as well.   I'm on a Staten Island Ferry boat in order to get the Lights Tribute next to the new One World Trade Center - formally known as The Freedom Tower.
In lower Manhattan there are many buildings that can be used in the composition of the photo.
I always like to add a foreground element to photos where I can to create a "layer" of depth to a picture.
Thousands of photos were taken of the Lights Tribute.  I took this shot on my way to the location where I was seeking to get the perfect shot.
The annual tribute in lights to the fallen twin towers is a reminder of the importance of never forgetting what occurred on 9/11/2001
Several of these chalk tributes were on the sidewalk near ground zero.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The New Place

It's just about ready to open!   Brooklyn's new multi-purpose sports and entertainment arena - The Barclays Center.  The Rolling Stones will play two of their only four 50th anniversary concerts in this building in November.
A unique feature of the new Barclays Center is the open-air front entrance canopy that features a high-def video screen on the inside walls.  Here you see the start - on the right - of a test for the color blue.
The NBA's New Jersey Nets will begin play in this new building in a few weeks.  The start of the pro basketball season will mark the return of major professional sports to Brooklyn ever since the Dodgers moved from the borough to Los Angeles after the 1957 baseball season.
I hear the inside of the arena is fantastic.  Not all that crazy however about the exterior color.
These street light banners are up all over the borough.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Slice of New York Life

I didn't expect to see anything like this scene being played out in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn bar when I was walking from the subway to check out a local guitar show.  But the tattooed ladies are very much into this game of JENGA.
The name JENGA was derived from a Swahili word meaning "to build"
There is a great variety of subjects to photograph ... if you look around.  But you gotta be quick to get these butterflies!
An old red truck will always catch my camera's eye!
The curvy bodies of expensive guitars catch the eye of Brooklyn Bowl Guitar Show attendees
I used a window on the water taxi to frame this shot of midtown Manhattan
The sun shines on the Williamsburg Bridge.  I was on a NYC water taxi after it left the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn when I took this shot.
The day AFTER the crazy weather in New York City - including two low-grade tornadoes - the skies were dotted with puffy clouds on a calm, cool afternoon.