Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Window Seat

For a change, I wasn't sitting in a window seat on my return trip from Los Angeles to New York. But not because I didn't want one. As was the case when I left New York on Jet Blue, my window seat headphone jack was broken making the multi-channel Direct-TV useless, so I moved to an aisle seat and took these shots upon landing at 6:15 a.m. at JFK airport.
In the top picture, I liked the position of the guy's hand as he watched his east coast world come into view. The hat and the light on the side of his face lift the photo from the ordinary.

In the second picture, I cropped out nearly everything except the clean lines of the window, part of the seat and the man looking out of the window. Thanks to the light landing on his left side, I'm able to show texture in his shirt which adds some feeling of depth. We're sitting at the gate - in the very last row - so there was no rush to stand up and get off the plane - a perfect time to take shots.

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