Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Day In DUMBO

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass -DUMBO is not that far of a walk from where I live. So with a handy umbrella in my backpack, I wandered in and around that popular section of Brooklyn.

Even when taking a picture of a sign, I wanted to dress it up and the light tubes surrounding the DUMBO window sticker and the reflected glass of the door helped quite a bit.

Some parts of the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) received nearly three inches of rain in a two hour period. And many of us who were out in the elements wished we had clunky rubber boots like this guy. It was soaking summer thunder and lighting downpour at times. A tornado-like funnel cloud did some damage to trees and power lines in New Jersey.

But the great thing about bad weather is it helps produce some nice photo opportunities. This is one of the towers of the Manhattan Bridge reflected in a puddle of rain water. A big drop of droplet landed on the upper left portion of the frame to help this shot stand out from the millions of photos taken of this bridge.

While in one of the parks facing lower Manhattan, these guys were recording scenes for a movie they were making when the skies opened up. BTW, during a thunder and lighting storm - it's not a good idea to stand under a tree. Lighting seeks the highest exposed point. A guy was killed last weekend in Brooklyn after lighting struck him and the tree he was standing under during a storm.

While standing under an awning while waiting for a cloud burst to subside, I wanted to make an attempt at catching the rain drops on the edge of my shelter with the tower of the Manhattan Bridge making an interesting backdrop.

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