Friday, July 17, 2009

Night Shots

Roaming the streets of lower Manhattan - on my way to the Brooklyn Bridge - led me to this colorful scene. But it still needed something. And when the security guard started walking to the other side of the courtyard - creating the subtle motion blur - I knew I had my shot. His movement helps give some scale and life to the large interior.

I took this shot of the Brooklyn Bridge from the South Street Seaport and the key was using the camera's 10 - second timer to get a steady shot at night. There's no way I could do this by hand -holding the camera - especially since I rated the ISO at 100. The star-like quality of the lights is created by using an f8 setting in aperture priority. I prefer to take "night" shots of bridges and buildings at dusk when there's still some color in the sky, but I didn't get here until 9:30 p.m., so you make to most of the situation by finding a flat surface, aiming the camera and setting the timer.

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