Sunday, July 12, 2009

Found Artwork

While the summer weather in New York has been pretty mild - lots of rain, but not much in the way of high temps - I was able to find the heat out west in Los Angeles. The gauge on my rental car tells the story: 102 degrees while passing through Woodland Hills the other day. There's not much humidity, so the heat is bearable.
While in L.A., I came across this giant painting of New York's famous Flatiron Building. It's 47 inches by 47 inches - but it weighs less than 20 pounds and costs $200. I want it - the previous tenant in my apartment in Brooklyn has a similar big photograph of the same building on the wall - but the store, Urban Home, doesn't ship items and the store is only in California. So I'm gonna check into the cost of shipping it myself. Nice painting eh?

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