Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Yankees Win

It was a scene that has been played out at Yankee Stadium 12 times this season. The Yanks find a way to win a game in what's referred to as a "walk-off" manner.
Robinson Cano rounds third on his way to a home plate celebration he's been a part of many times. He hit a homer to sink the White Sox and his teammates are ready to give him a happy pounding when he touches home.

Cano is in the middle of that crowd of players - many of whom, Jorge Posada (at the top), Melky Cabrera (holding the helmet), Eric Hinke (14) and Mark Teixeira (left) have been in the same spot when they had their game-ending hits at The Stadium this season.

While Cabrera and Alex Rodriguez (right) celebrate behind him, Cano exchanges high fives with a teammate.

And Cano gets the hero's treatment from the pie-master, pitcher A. J. Burnett who has tossed all 12 celebratory whip cream pies this season. TV and radio interviewers have to be ready to step aside when the pie hits its intended target.

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