Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waiting For The Shot

That dark blob in right-center-field is the shadow of a blimp that was being used to help televise the Yankees-White Sox game. I'd been waiting for it to pass over the field and cast its giant shadow, but it was hard to know exactly when that would happen. By the time I reacted to the flyover, the shadow was smaller and nearly out of the picture. Notice the photo on the video board - it's Derek Jeter ...

... Who is the guy these birds seem to be watching as they sit perched on a guide wire running from the press box to the field. It took many days for the birds to sit at the right spot on the wire to line up with the players on the field (Jeter is about 300 feet away -the zoom lens makes them appear closer). So when this pair alighted at the perfect spot, I jumped up (after announcing the latest White Sox batter) grabbed my camera and hoped they would eventually face Jeter. So when you think ahead about a shot, you just have to have the patience for it to happen.

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