Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Art At Ikea

The search for inspiration led me to the Ikea store in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The store opened earlier this year and since I had to move my car for 90 minutes for the weekly street cleaning, me and my friend Rhonda went to Ikea. I needed window blinds to block the hot sun since I have a lot of big windows and Rhonda was looking for candle sticks. The reflection in a candle stick produces some nice results.

The photo of the father and son sitting at the picture window is one of my favorites. Before the store opens you can eat breakfast in the Ikea restaurant. But the eggs are way to salty and the turkey sausage was made from mystery meat. So eat before you arrive to shop.

Outside the store I found stone balls near the pier and rope needed to tie down the water taxis that ferry people from Brooklyn to lower Manhattan. Ikea started charging $5 for the trip since people were using the service without shopping in the store first,

The area around the Ikea store is dotted with these giant cranes which help to off-load the tons of stuff you'll find at Ikea. Don't these things look like those machines that wreaked havoc in the Star Wars movies?

Here's me taking my own picture in the home furnishing department with all the mirrors. I have my yellow shopping bag to collect stuff for checkout, but Ikea doesn't give you free bags to take your purchases to the parking lot. So bring your own bag or be ready to buy shopping bags from the store.

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