Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Good Company

I've been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Not the baseball shrine in Cooperstown, NY, but the famous Hall of Fame at Foley's NY Irish Pub and Restaurant.

I'm standing with Shaun Clancy who oversees Foley's and has - along with his dad and others - collected autographs of famous and notable people on hundreds of baseballs that are displayed at the west 33rd street location. We're holding the ball I just signed.

And here's what I wrote! I can never think of anything real clever to say when I sign a ball. I guess, since I don't often sign baseballs, I'm not into the autograph rhythm many athletes and actors are when he comes to signing things.

I'm in a good place - between famed pitcher and later, esteemed pitching coach, Johnny Sain and the umpiring crew from the recent perfect game pitched in Chicago by the White Sox' Mark Buerle. And below me are two notable New York baseball players; Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees and David Wright of the Mets. Tim Redding is a journeyman pitcher who's been employed by both the Yankees and Mets.

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