Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Favorites

It was a busy Sunday. And lots of variety on the photographic front. Here are Gabriel Navarro (white t-shirt) and Dylan Knox on their skateboards in front of a drug store on Water St. getting some air while dodging customers along with skating pal, Jeff Austin who not pictured here but will be on Facebook.

I was using my trusty Panasonic point and shoot camera which means I get one shot to capture peak action. My timing got better the more I shot this group. My pro camera shoots 8 frames per second by comparison.

It rained again - a big downpour - and the group with the orange tarp waited for drier conditions at Red Hook Park. The guy on the downtown Brooklyn courthouse steps was just hanging out against the blue light.

While waiting for the rain to stop, I shot this water drop/plop and got my timing right. Again, I took one shot at a time and got lucky.

Before, the rain, I shot some soccer action at Red Hook Park. I used to shoot a lot of UCLA soccer and the one shot limitation with these guys moving so quickly really provided a test to get something good.

And this shot is from the Smith St and 9th subway station in Brooklyn which is the highest subway stop in the whole of New York City which you can see in the background.

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