Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Southern California Sights From The Car

You spend a lot of time in your car in southern California because places are so spread out. It takes plenty of minutes off the clock just to get to where you're going. So out comes the camera to pass the time during traffic jams and this first shot is of an evening at sunset from the Hollywood Freeway.

Cars are a necessary part of the culture out here. Some owners are serious about making a statement while making their way to a destination. This classic Pontiac was zipping along the 405 freeway and I was lucky to get a clear shot on an otherwise crowded roadway on a Saturday afternoon. This car is clean!

Driving on the Harbor Freeway heading east to take the I-5 off ramp (which is on the left), I noticed Cal Trans installed very bright lane markers to help drivers know where the I-5 lane is located.

While waiting for a street light to change, the light in the sky changed and the filtered sun provided the backdrop to the many hundreds of power poles in and around the Los Angeles area.

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