Thursday, November 10, 2011

"One Hot Guitarist"

Rolling Stone Magazine calls Kaki King a "Guitar God" (the only female on their list to earn such a title.) King - a former New York City subway performer with a unique, percussive, finger-style - played in Clearwater, Florida at the Capitol Theater.

Towards the end of her performance, the fire alarm went off in the Capitol Theater and we had to evacuate to the street - all of us including the star of the show, Kaki King, waited out the surprise delay. One usher said King must be "one hot guitarist" in order for the fire department to show up.

Since photos of guitar players are plentiful, you look for something to make the pictures stand apart from the pack. Any kind of gesture is welcome and Kaki King provided plenty of those moments because she liked speaking to the audience between sets in her aminated fashion.

Kaki King play seven different guitars. Here's a look as three of them - each with a different tuning and sound. The one on the left has 12 strings. The one in the middle has slated frets.

Adding some variety to her show, Kaki King's sound tech, Dan Brantigan, played trumpet while she acompanied on one of her many guitars.

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