Friday, November 18, 2011

From and In the Air

On the ground in Burbank after flying from New York. Palm trees on the left, the sun and blue skies ... yep, California.

Maybe I like the color blue a little too much. Now, my food choices must feature something blue? Who's heard of "naturally blue potatoes?"

The airline graveyard in Tucson, Arizona where retired passenger planes go to sit and wait for a call to get back into action. Or at least provide some parts for other jets.

I'm not sure where this is. Either Utah or Arizona. Anyway, this part of the west looks different from the other Grand Canyon-like types of typography one can see from the air due to its circular appearance.

This looks like the land in and around the Grand Canyon. The angle of sun helps to give this photo - taken from my seat (21A) - some texture. I think this is somewhere over Utah.

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