Friday, June 19, 2009

Time to Explore.

Since the Yankees are on the road for the next 11 days, I have a chance to really get to know my new neighborhood. Lunch at Savoia produced this image - the table water comes in a neat blue pitcher.

I learned in live in BOCOCA part of Brooklyn. The first two letters of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and my place, Carroll Gardens - BOCOCA. I still like the DUMBO section of town. It stands for "down under Manhattan Bridge overpass.

Then, I started walking south on Smith Street and wandered into the PERFECT CORNER custom picture and framing store. An hour later I left. I met the owners, Joe and Marion Alameda. They're big baseball fans as it turns out. Joe has quite a collection of autographs. Like this Yankee Stadium Lithograph with signatures of many the all-time great players from the team (not that I'm an all-time great Yankee, but I did sign it as well). Click on any of the pictures for a larger version. I was invited to Joe and Marion's Staten Island home soon to see his big collection of bats, balls and photos from the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers. I'm not a big collector of stuff like this, but I like to see the material none-the-less.

Then, a few blocks later I came upon John (L) and Butch. They were playing and singing Beatles' songs on their front stoop. I sang along to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds- in the key of G which I can handle. They perform at neighborhood bars and functions and Butch says he can play, "Sinatra to Feliciano." I told them that as soon as I get my guitar chops back - I'm really rusty - that I'd join them in a sidewalk jam session.
And finally back home and a view from the rooftop deck. It's pretty big and I'm gonna get some plants to give it a little personality. I've already been urged to get a small grill for bar-b-q's. It's legal in NY as long as there's 10 ft clearance between the grill and the domain. That won't be a problem for me. Just another day in Brooklyn.

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