Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday in New York (Not the 4th of July)

As I left home for the ballpark, the Clinton Street Block Party was starting to take shape (my address says Clinton St, but I actually live on DeGraw). An open fire hydrant is a staple New York sight - usually indicating a hot, steamy, summer day. Only today was wet (again) and cool - in the upper 60's - despite predictions of temperatures in the 80's. Still, the kids had fun with the water and I assume (since I was at Yankee Stadium) the block party wasn't totally rained out.
And on the way back home - the first sign that this is a big weekend in New York. Sunday, the 52nd annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade along 5th avenue will be held with some 3 million spectators lining the route. This guy was wearing his PR flag like a cape - with matching glasses and jewelry. Again, I'll be at the ballpark, but we'll make an announcement about the parade. But the big show will be staged by the U.S. Army's parachute team. It's the annual Military Day at Yankee Stadium which is always popular - but in this time of war - the fans will really be into the festivities.

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