Friday, June 5, 2009

Night Shots

After being given credit for my role in still another Yankees' win (tied with the Red Sox for first place in the A.L. East,) I headed back to Brooklyn.

Two things were at the top of my list; get a shower curtain and take some night shots around the neighborhood. I did both. Once I get the shower curtain put up - I'll do a photo report.

I ventured downtown - by walking - to the courthouse where I saw this guy on the steps and the building bathed in a blue light. He was on the phone and maybe he was telling somebody that his case was continued but that he was determined that justice be done. As you know - sometimes getting justice done can seem like a lonely battle.
On a brighter note ... just across the street the waiting area in the Toronto Dominion Bank was an unusual place to fine a giant mural of Ebbets Field where the Dodgers played until they split Brooklyn after the 1957 season. I say unusual because of its location - a Canadian bank lobby. By the way, that move to L.A. by the Dodgers is still a sore subject in some parts of the borough.

And since the subway is such an important part of daily life in New York, I wanted to take a shot from a different perspective. Instead of an underground platform shot, I stood on the Manhattan Bridge where the train runs outside next to the bridge itself.
That's the train zipping by on the left and middle of the shot with the red light for trains coming in the other direction.
Don't worry, I won't forget the shower curtain shots.

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