Sunday, June 21, 2009

Had To Do It

I bought a small TV to add a sense of normalcy to the apartment. It's only a 19 - inch screen. Got it at Target. Under $200 bucks and very lightweight. I've hook it up to the house cable system and I get a lot of channels. But no ESPN or HBO though. I do get the Food Network for some reason. I watch USA's BURN NOTICE on line - that's the only show I really think about seeing each week. I'll get a bigger screen and go in for the premium channels for the winter. Right now, I don't watch that much TV to justify spending my time and money on something I don't need yet.

I did need to get a blackout curtain for the bedroom. The sun comes up through that window and I've been waking up at 6:30 a.m. That's not good (unless I just getting in at that time) so the curtain had to go up. I'm sure it will help.

And I'm thinking of ditching my car and, if I need wheels, taking advantage of Zipcar. It's a service that's popping up all around the country. It's basically a car service that you can pay for by the day or the hour and use it when you need to have a car. It's far cheaper that renting a car. The yearly cost of using Zipcar is a lot less than maintaining a car - with insurance and gas costs being what they are.

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