Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letting the Light In

It's almost officially summer here in New York, but it's still hard to tell because of the continued cool and rainy weather. So my kitchen skylight is letting in lot of warm, comfortable, diffused light. But when it gets hot - before too long no doubt - the skylight feature might lead to higher air conditioning bills. I could go up on the deck and cover it with a tarp. But, for now, it's a nice addition to an area where I don't spend a lot of time

Here's Bronx street artist - and clothing tailor - Lou with one of his original creations. He set up his easel just outside Yankee Stadium. I told him I was looking for some "New York" art for some of the white walls in my Brooklyn apartment and he said he'd sell this subway scene to me for $450. Not sure I like the piece THAT much. But he said he has plenty of other finished canvases and that we could probably make a deal. I need something that no one else has and why not support local, hard-working artists like Lou?

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