Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U.T. Times Three

If you're a member of the University of Texas Longhorn marching band you have to often wear this outfit when performing. This blog entry again looks at creative editing and I wanted to feature the Texas hats and the contrast of the traditional Longhorn colors and one band member in particular.

Here's the wide group shot - all hats and no cattle - to borrow and old Texas phrase.

But the second photo narrows down the picture to the elements I'm interested in. The hats and the young man on the right who stands out in the sea of burnt orange and white. The fact I can see his entire face and he's looking off-camera adds to the composition.

The third shot zeros in on him. There's no doubt what school he attends thanks to the TEXAS script to his right and the partial S in front of him. Their instruments are down on the ground next to them as they cheered on the Longhorn football team at a bowl game in San Diego.
So one picture can produce three or more distinct photos.

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Ben said...

Great photo! Just curious...was this taken at the Holiday Bowl in December, 2001? If so, I believe I know who the young man in the photo is.