Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't Be Afraid To Crop Your Photos

This is a throw-back photo from my 2008 files when I was living in Los Angeles. Like many of the pictures on this blog, this was a quick, grab shot: see it - shoot it - and go eat.

But this finished product - after editing - is a great example of how an ordinary picture can be improved with the right crop. The relationship between the dog and his/her owner is much more apparent - and dramatic - in the cropped version (I like her gaze) as opposed to the original shot that shows how much I actually cut out.

I'm not sure what got the doggy's attention - maybe a cop was yelling for it to get from behind the wheel. And this is a story telling photo as well because it looks like the dog actually has its right paw on the steering wheel. But I wanted to play up the relationship between the animal and it doting owner who seems to be saying with her expression that, "You can do no wrong."

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