Wednesday, October 14, 2009

While Waiting For Baseball ...

Seasons in sports overlap. It's the pro basketball pre-season while pro football and hockey are playing games that count and it's baseball playoff time. But the Yankees and Angels series won't start until Friday. So I took a shot at getting a cheap ticket to the Knicks-76er's game at Madison Square Garden at the last minute. After some "negotiating" I got a great seat near the floor for $20. Court side seats went for $1200. The Knicks Nate Robinson pleads to anyone who'll listen about a replacement referee's call. The regular refs are being locked out by the NBA in a labor dispute. Shots showing emotion are what photographers look for and those reactions can come at any time. Robinson thought the ref was wrong for calling a foul on him. As usual, the player lost the argument.

It's amazing the amount of body control NBA players can display. Here, the 76er's Andre Iguodala (9) twists into position to shoot against the tough defense of Jared Jefferies (20) of the Knicks. This is my first basketball action since March in Los Angeles at the Pac-10 post-season college tournament just days before I started commuting to New York to work for the Yankees.

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