Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Good Bee

This is the best shot I've ever taken of a bee. When I first started this blog - several months ago - I had a bee picture or two from the garden at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. But those shots were taken by shooting down on top of the bee instead of this angle - low and from the side. Like all of my bee shots, it was done with me extending my arm as far as I could while being ready to bolt if the bee made a move at me. I've never been stung and I'd like to keep that record in tact. This shot was taken at the weekly farmers market in downtown Brooklyn where they sell fresh fruits, veggies and flowers. I was on my way back from a run. I'm starting to take my camera with me on runs. One of the great outdoor photographers, the late Galen Rowell, took a film camera with him on mountain runs and always came back - in shape - and with great pictures.

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