Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Free Day At The Guggenheim

Here are two New York institutions: A yellow cab and the Guggenheim Museum. On this day, one of them was free of charge - the museum. This Frank Lloyd Wright design is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and the public was invited to spend the day in the landmark without having to pay the usual $18 price of admittance. So since it was free ... it was for me.

Because this is such a recognizable building, one can select simple parts of it and people will still know where you are. The Guggenheim looks good from many different angles. Its spiraling design sets it apart from any other museum of its kind.

Inside, the white walls of the floor plan helped provide a nice contrast to the patrons who couldn't resist peering over the edge of the of the seven levels of space. Some people stood still while others flowed in the arena of art.

Since taking pictures above the ground floor is prohibited, one needed to be as sneaky as possible - and lucky - when taking unauthorized shots. I had my camera down by my leg and took random shots as I walked and tried to look innocent.

This strikes me as a common sight in museums. Some people are into the art, while others are into each other.

But in general people engaged themselves with the works of Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky's abstract paintings.

Kandinsky's paintings helped inspire the Guggenheim's design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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