Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time To Celebrate Again

The Yankees won for the 14th time this season in their final at-bat. This time, it was a 9th inning single by third-string catcher Francisco Cervelli who is seen here getting the winning hit against the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees have to go back to 1943 to find a season where they had more so-called, "walk-off" wins. That season they had 17 such victories.

Cervelli - unseen - is in the middle of that group of happy Yankees who chased him into shallow right-field before he allowed his teammates to catch him for the good natured pounding.

And right on schedule - the Keeper of the Hero Pies - pitcher A.J. Burnett was ready to give Cervelli his first pie of the season. Cervelli knew it was coming - while being interviewed on TV I'm sure he heard the fans roar when they spotting Burnett heading his way. He braced for impact and Burnett gave him a face-full of shaving cream. Cervelli would later say the pie "tasted good."

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