Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost There

It was a memorable night at New York's Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter snapped an 0 for 12 hit-less streak with three hits. He's now tied with the legendary Lou Gehrig for most hits in team history. The game stopped - briefly - as the crowd gave Jeter a standing ovation.

One of the signs outside the stadium listed the all-time hit leaders on the Yankees.

When Jeter sets the record - maybe Friday vs Baltimore - it's expected that his teammates will come onto the field to congratulate him. There's no way the game will continue until Jeter gets a long ovation from the crowd and his team properly takes part in the big moment.

This is a photo of Jeter taken from the hi-def picture provided by the YES-TV network which - along with ESPN - was televising the game. As you can imagine, Jeter got lots of camera time after he tied the record.

And just for good measure, the moon came up behind the giant video screen in center-field while Johnny Damon, the man who followed Jeter in the lineup, was at the plate. I was lucky to look up and see the moon before it got too high in the sky and became smaller and more difficult to photograph and tell it was the moon and not just an inexplicable white dot in the sky.

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