Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That's Entertainment

You never know what or who'll you see on a New York subway train. On this crowded 'D' uptown train I was taking to Yankee Stadium, two men got on with a big drum and a wooden marionette. They proceeded to find an open spot and then put on an impromptu show. The drum player on the left did most of the talking as he pounded out a beat while the other guy, who calls himself, Mr. Cupcake, had the controls of the puppet and he made it dance along to the music.

A few hours later at the ballpark, the Yankees celebrated another so-called "walk-off" win ( that's 15 of that type this season) when Juan Miranda got an infield hit to drive in the winning run to beat Kansas City. And, as has been the case since April, pitcher A.J. Burnett (in blue) - the maker of the Hero shaving cream pies - did his job as he delivered his latest creation right in the face of Miranda as he was being interviewed on the field after the game. So far, Burnett has not been on the receiving end of a Hero pie. But I bet his teammates are plotting to get him before the season is over. The playoffs start next week so maybe then.

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