Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scenes From Central Park

Central Park was as empty as this long bench near the 72nd street entrance. Actually, it was just the opposite. On another beautiful day in New York - mid 70's with little humidity - the park was teaming with activity.

I walked quite a bit and saw and heard a lot of things, but the action on the cycle, run/walk and skate paths was where I wanted to practice my panning technique. I wanted to convey movement in a still picture and finding a target and following it as I pressed the shutter button would do just that.

Speed and color was all around and after shooting many people on bicycles, this guy came along on his in-line skates (Roller Blade is a brand name of a company that makes in-line skates.) Luckily, he made the rounds in front of me several times so I got many chances to get this shot right. As he zips by, I follow him and I press the shutter button. I wanted him sharp and in focus while the background is blurred to suggest his movement. He was really moving fast and I hope the photo gives that impression.

The rock climbers were left out of the picture being painted by an artist who was only a few feet away from the rock which was about 15 feet high. But it still looked like a pretty good challenge for the free-climbers who were working on their finger holds and foot positions. More Central Park pics to come. As usual, click on the photos for larger versions.

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