Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi-Def Danger?

I put a question mark after the title of this post because I don't know of any photographer who has breached the canons of ethics by passing off an image shot from a Hi-Def television screen as something other than just that - a picture FROM a picture. But as you can see from my shots - including talk show icon Larry King - who threw out the first pitch at Sunday's Yankees-Twins game to my introduction - a photo taken with my little point and shoot digicam from a Hi-Def transmission from the YES- TV network looks pretty good. Hard to tell it's from a screen. The old analog technology - with far fewer lines of resolution- made it tough

to take a picture without being able to easily tell it was from a TV. So if I can take these photos with a relatively inexpensive camera, what can be done with a high-priced camera and lens combination. I'm guessing that - human nature being what it is - some photog will cut corners eventually and try to pass off a picture from a Hi-Def screen as something original. And the profession will take another hit.

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