Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Dramatic Win - Then ... Pull-Ups

Number 53, Melky Cabrera, gets a bear hug from Alex Rodriguez after driving in the tying and winning runs in A-Rod's first game this season at Yankee Stadium. A few moments later Cabrera got the shaving cream pie in the face treatment which is accorded the hero of the game. The Yankees scored three runs in the ninth-inning to win, 5-4.

This was the scene at home plate as Ramiro Pena scored the winning run. Number 17, Kevin Cash, has a firm grip on Mark Teixeira's shirt and Derek Jeter can't wait to deliver twin high-fives. Meanwhile, Twins catcher Joe Mauer leaves the field with plate umpire Wally Bell who is watching to be sure Pena touched home plate to make the 5-4, come-from-behind win for the Yankees official.

And then this Yankee fan celebrated the victory on the number 4 subway train back to Manhattan, by doing a series of pull-ups. Who needs a fancy gym membership when you have all the necessary equipment on the tube.

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