Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bury A Car and Draw A Crowd

The concept is simple enough: Bury a bunch of old Cadillacs near a busy highway and wait for the crowds to show up ... many with cans of spray paint. That would be Cadillac Ranch off I-40 near Amarillo, Texas.

I arrived late in the day - meaning great light- and folks were there with their paint cans going to town on the cars. One crowd of teenagers showed up on a bus. They were on their way back home to Durango, Colorado. Others were just tourists who happen to be in the neighborhood.

Climbing onto the cars was a popular trick but finding adequate space to spray-paint something meaningful was pretty tough.

This woman already knew what she was spraying onto this car would probably be painted over before the next morning - as she covers up something somebody else had written before she arrived.
The last time I was here I was shooting with a film camera. Ages ago by digital standards. 1350 miles into my 2780 mile journey. All is well.

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