Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Favorite Florida Fotos

These types of giant, puffy clouds are a daily sight in Florida - often times this type is a prelude to a late-afternoon rain shower. I'm glad the two birds decided to fly very high to contrast well against the clouds.

I don't care much for bees, but I like to take pictures of them. I got in real close and shot this image as quickly as I could before retreating to a safe distance

This cruise ship is heading to Mexico after just barely clearing the underside of the Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The margin for error is only about 15 to 20 feet. So it's as close as it appears in this image. Check out this video to see just how close.

It looks like this bird is taking off to try and catch the cruise ship which is on the left of the photo. To the right is Florida's Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seminole Sights

Is is that guy from ZZ Top? Billy F. Gibbons? No ... it''s the bass player from the band that was playing to the crowd at the annual Seminole, Florida neighborhood carnival. I saw him playing and the beard stood out.

Whenever the moon is around I try to put it in a picture. Here is the moon with a part of one of the rides in the foreground.

Using a slow shutter speed - I wanted to get three rides in one shot when they were all in action.

The vendor here posed for a portrait as she worked her magic light device. I used a combo of slow shutter speed and delayed flash.

Before heading to the carnival, we stopped at a local sushi place. This fellow was not on the menu ... at least not while we were there! They told me it's a blow fish. Unlike the other fish who ran from my lens, this fish was ready for its close-up and stayed very still.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Eye is in the Sky

The minarets atop Plant Hall at the downtown campus of the University of Tampa. Platnt Hall - the former Tampa Bay hotel - was built in 1891.

Parking lot light standards at sunset at the rejuvinated Parkside Mall in Pinellas Park in Florida near St Petersburg.

The downtown Tampa, Florida Museum of Art with its inviting opening at the top of the building where I waited and waited (about 90 seconds ... ) for a bird to fly through the scene.

And the birds on a telephone wire with the moon in the background. There were so many birds that it was easy to get one of two of them in flight.