Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seminole Sights

Is is that guy from ZZ Top? Billy F. Gibbons? No ... it''s the bass player from the band that was playing to the crowd at the annual Seminole, Florida neighborhood carnival. I saw him playing and the beard stood out.

Whenever the moon is around I try to put it in a picture. Here is the moon with a part of one of the rides in the foreground.

Using a slow shutter speed - I wanted to get three rides in one shot when they were all in action.

The vendor here posed for a portrait as she worked her magic light device. I used a combo of slow shutter speed and delayed flash.

Before heading to the carnival, we stopped at a local sushi place. This fellow was not on the menu ... at least not while we were there! They told me it's a blow fish. Unlike the other fish who ran from my lens, this fish was ready for its close-up and stayed very still.

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