Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remembering 9/11

And here is the shot I was thinking about getting all day.  The Lights Tribute directly next to the new One World Trade Center which is always done up in red, white and blue.  I'm on a Staten Island Ferry boat - which is a free ride - using my point-and-shoot Panasonic camera's zoom to frame the buildings for the shot.
I wanted this view - and many other people did as well.   I'm on a Staten Island Ferry boat in order to get the Lights Tribute next to the new One World Trade Center - formally known as The Freedom Tower.
In lower Manhattan there are many buildings that can be used in the composition of the photo.
I always like to add a foreground element to photos where I can to create a "layer" of depth to a picture.
Thousands of photos were taken of the Lights Tribute.  I took this shot on my way to the location where I was seeking to get the perfect shot.
The annual tribute in lights to the fallen twin towers is a reminder of the importance of never forgetting what occurred on 9/11/2001
Several of these chalk tributes were on the sidewalk near ground zero.

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