Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scenes From New York City

Heading to lunch in Brooklyn I saw this dog with that pose. Great pics almost take themselves.
The blue M&M seems mildly amused with the box-head guy. The things people do to get attention in busy Times Square.
I like to layers within pictures to create interest in more than one part of the scene. The glass of water with the hand and the tattoo on the guy's arm give a sense of depth. And that bottle at the lower left adds to the image.
Some people can sleep anywhere. And this lady was napping - apparently was tired after a long day at work. Or ... maybe she was an extra for the Ben Stiller movie and was awaiting her scene call.
Actor Ben Stiller is doing a remake of the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - the 1939 James Thurber short story. The first movie came in 1947 with Danny Kaye playing the lead. It's also been a stage play.
People still like to smoke in New York. But there are fewer and fewer places where one can light - up outdoors here. Times Square - however - is still smoker-friendly.

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