Friday, June 22, 2012


THIS IS THE BEST SHOT I've ever taken of a lightning strike.
I WAS standing inside the glass walls of the new waterside carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park after the skies opened up and started pouring heavy, blinding rain - (other parts of the city were pelted by small hail stones). The span in the photo is the Manhattan Bridge. I lucked out because I just happen to press the shutter button a moment before this bolt flashed behind the bridge.
ABOUT 20 MINUTES after I took the lightning shot, things had calmed down quite a bit. But it was still very overcast so I wanted to find some color to put in the shot with the bridge. That's the famous Empire State Building in between the branches of the flowers.
THIS FLOWER was heavy with water and just after I took this image, that fat drop fell off.
I'M ALWAYS looking to make a artistic statement and this is my latest attempt. I saw this wire with the water drop on it and combined with the structure of the bridge in the background, I thought it would make an interesting picture.
THIS WATER TOWER (New York has hundreds of them - still very much in use) is reflected in a puddle of water after the heavy rain. The green staircase adds a nice touch.
THIS IS IMAGE was made shortly BEFORE the heavy rain hit the area. I saw these workmen on the upper part of the Manhattan Bridge. They probably just got the heads-up to come down before things got crazy with the approaching rain and lightning.

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