Thursday, June 21, 2012


It was Make Music Day throughout New York City. From 9am to 10pm, musicians of all ages and abilities performed in over 400 public spaces in the five boroughs. It was a hot day with temps in the 90's. I was playing guitar in Union Square - my first outdoor performance - along with several others.
They gave us chord sheets for six songs and after a brief rehearsal, we were led from the stage with a chord card as well. In this case, the America song, Horse With No Name. Just two chords for the solo acoustic version. I think there were actually three guitars in the original song - each playing a different part.
As always, I look to make an artistic statement. That sun was really cooking - 90 plus degrees - when I shot this. It was probably even hotter since we were on a concrete path leading to the grassy, shaded area of the park.
Guitar players always seem to wear cool sunglasses.
This guy is showing perfect form with his fretting hand on the strings. We all strive to be so precise with our hands.
Here are the chords for the classic Jimi Hendrix song, Hey Joe. Most of us can play these basic chords - we just needed a little time to get the melody down so we could follow along.
And here I am with my fellow players. They told us it was the largest outdoor gathering of guitar players in New York City history.

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