Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letting Their "Geek" Flags Fly

It's always fun and a photographic festival when the annual New York Comic Con comes to town at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. As I understand - not being a big comic fan (but they DO produce make some nice graphic T-shirts) - that only San Diego's version of Comic Con attracts more fans and vendors.

Comic fans of all ages, gender and color were out in force for the three day event. After taking in the highly entertaining movie REAL STEEL (it's the story of boxing robots) I showed up near closing time for Friday's session and didn't have to pay to roam around the convention floors.

I bought some T-shirts, nearly lost my wallet and was reminded that people need to have some escape from the sometimes mundane everyday lives by dressing-up as their favorite fantasy characters and hanging out with like-minded folks.

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