Friday, October 21, 2011

Guitar Show in Jersey

One of the great guitar players of all time, The King of the Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, visits Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey and the 74-year-old cancer survivor put on a strong and varied show. Being at the front of the stage provided many of us with ample chances to get great shots. The downside is those of us who didn't buy ear plugs are suffering. Thank goodness for the closed-captioning setting on my TV

A slower shutter speed produced this abstract version of the guitar great, Dick Dale.

Here's my favorite of this grouping of Dick Dale photos. Just enough motion blur on this right hand and the rest of him in sharp focus.

Dick Dale has been performing since the late 1950's and he showed he can put down the guitar and entertain his audience with the harmonica here ...

And the drums later in the set. That's his 19-year-old-son, Jimmy, on the kit. Dale's 40-year-old wife, Lana, travels with him and helps coordinate the post-concert meet and greets with fans who line up to get a T-shirt or buy CD's, DVD's and posters.

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