Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four Letter Names For Three Things - Ford - Betts - Diva

All of these shots are as a result of my wanderings around the borough of Manhattan.

The first one is of the legendary guitar player, Dickie Betts, who was capping off a three night gig at City Winery in Soho. He played loud enough that I could actually stand on the sidewalk outside the club and hear him - and shoot the picture. The former longtime Allman Brothers Band member sounded in his usual great form.

The middle shot was taken at Diva - a restaurant on West Broadway (which is actually the name of the street. Since Broadway - itself runs north and south. I learned this the hard way).

I was having dinner there and watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox when I noticed all these artists setting up their easels and starting to paint. Turns out - each Tuesday night is open night for painters and after you sign up, you too can go to town. And you get free drinks and can sell whatever you paint right on the spot if anyone is interested.

And the last shot - again in Soho - reminded me of photos I've seen from Cuba. They don't allow many new model cars there so old cars from the 50's and 60's are all over the place and kept in good running order out of necessity. This Ford Galaxie would be quite a prize in Cuba.

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