Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Day in Brooklyn

I didn't start out to photograph different parts and places in Brooklyn and beyond.

My first trip was to the post office. Then to Guitar Center to pick up a song book and some other accessories. Then it was into the Fort Greene neighborhood to eat - a nice plate of brown rice and blackened catfish with candied yams plus a cup of Mexican Coffee all for about $24. Then since in really I needed to walk off that meal - the camera came out.

Picture one is the latest look at the future home of the NBA's Nets who have been in New Jersey for many years. They'll move to Brooklyn's Barclay's Center next year. Seats are being put in place and the glass facade is going up. And yes ... they will put a roof on the joint. Then, as clouds moved in, I took a shot of one of the hundreds of water towers that are all over - in use - in New York City. Next it was a walk down to water front - the Brooklyn Heights Promenade -for a nice sunset shot of the Statue of Liberty. Then, within the space of 10 minutes, the people who light the Empire State Building decided they had the wrong color lamps on and switched from green to red and white to go along with the blue lights on the antennae.

I really only planned to be out of the house for about 20 minutes. But, plans change and in my case, nice pictures are the by-product.

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