Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New York Scenes

The first photo is what happens when you grab your camera and move it after 28 seconds of what supposed to be a 30 second exposure of the Empire State Building. I placed the camera on a wide railing on the Brooklyn Bridge and shot back into Manhattan. It looks like an earthquake is going on.

The second shot is of how the Brooklyn Bridge looks (for the next several months) with a portion of the span being refurbished with tin temporary walls and canvas coverings on part of the bridge. This is another 30 second timer exposure. The picture was taken about 11:15 pm.

And the third shot is the moon. It is easy to get this picture hand held because the moon is bright as it is reflecting the sun light. I had to shoot on the low ISO of 80 and two stops under exposed to cut down on the light in order to bring out the detail of the surface of the moon

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