Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking for Pictures in New York

You can always find a vast variety of photos in New York. On this night, I found many different subjects to my liking. The first picture is from an A train subway station in lower Manhattan. The colorful tile eye caught my eye.

In the second photo, I'm standing on the New York side of the Hudson River and shooting towards New Jersey. I don't know the name of the building but I like its red and blue top and the crescent moon is a nice addition.

The third photo is a look at the new Freedom Tower (also known as One Word Trade Center). The tower - on the left - still has about 60 more stories to be built. It's located where the destroyed twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood until September 11, 2001.

Here in picture four is another look at New Jersey from the New York side of the Hudson River. I wanted to use one of the many blue lights along the esplanade as an anchor for the image. And since that shade of blue is my favorite color it was perfect for me to use as an element in the composition.

I had dinner in one place this desert in another. Picture five is a chocolate mousse and a cup of coffee. And the confection tasted as good as it looks.

The famed 4th street basketball courts always have a spirited game going on and here - in the last photo - I isolated the two players as they did battle in the late afternoon sun.

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