Saturday, January 8, 2011

(No) Bull Riding In New York

The new season of the professional bull riders (PBR) tour kicked off its 2011 schedule at New York's Madison Square Garden. It was my first rodeo since the mid-80's in Las Vegas where the circuit ends with the championship tournament in October (they take June and July off to rest.) Here, 2010 PBR World Champion Renato Nunes of Brazil, is barely hanging onto Congo during the first of three nights of competition.

A very good opening night crowd was in attendance and of course many fans donned their best cowboy hat. Vendors were actually selling cowboy hats along with soft drinks and beer. As the evening worn on it seemed as if the beer sales had taken the lead. It was very noisy - with the ring announcer/MC/carnival barker and lots of rock, rap and techno music blaring between bull rides. One minute it's AC/DC followed by New Order (from the 80's) and then New York's own Beastie Boys keeping the crown pumped up.

Outside the Garden - as with most performances of any kind featuring animals - protesters were displaying their opinion about what was going on inside the building.

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