Thursday, February 9, 2012

People At Work

The watch repairman and the ice creme lady.

Inspired by a recent article in Photo District News - a major photography industry magazine - about people at work. I've selected two of these environmental portraits.

The top photo is of a watch repairman who has street-side vending stand in downtown Brooklyn. He was so intent on fixing that timepiece that he didn't notice me quietly firing off a few frames.

My camera is always set on "silent" shutter anyway so he didn't hear me pressing the button as I tried to get the perfect shot with the watch face showing.

The ice creme lady photo is from my files - I shot this a few years ago - but, like ice creme, it's a timeless image. I actually bought the delectable cone she's holding.

But I thought it was such a colorful scene that she gladly posed for a picture ... before collecting my money.

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