Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Can't have a collection of beach shots without one with a boat in it. I drained the color from the image to reduce it to its bare elements. A Venice Beach, California lifeguard station and sailboat.
It was a nice, clear day at Venice Beach in southern California and the among first things you need are some brightly colored sunnies (as sunglasses are called in Australia.)
The skateboard park at Venice Beach draws riders of all ages and skill levels. I positioned myself so as to get the shadow of the palm tree in the shot when the kid came flying my way.
Shooting into the sun can yield great results and the birds were flying low late in the afternoon when I made this image.
I call this "Sad Dog" but the fact is, this dog probably looks like this all of the time. I just liked the various textures and colors surrounding his face.

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