Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Not Quite THIS Bad Off

Two Lessons here: Number one - of course - is always have your camera handy to grab these once-in-a-lifetime shots when they present themselves and Number two: Playing guitar is tiring ... for some. This guy was wiped out after - I'm guessing - a long day of busking (performing in public spaces for money) in and around New York City. I was drawn to this scene by the blue guitar and the not-so-apparent devotion of its owner to it. The thing is tied by some string to his body while he naps. And - what else is new? - the two guys on the right pretty much are ignoring everything except their tiny phone screens as life goes on around them in the subway.

These are MY fingers. I started playing guitar again about three months ago and the ragged condition of my fingertips is the result of hours of practice. If I play too long I can feel some discomfort in them. But for the most part it's a pain free by-product of a new desire to express myself in a musical way.

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