Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Blue Angels

An off day in the baseball home schedule in Tampa gave me the chance to photograph the famous Blue Angels during Tampa Navy Week. These F/A-18 Hornets zipped through the skies in and around MacDill Air Force Base.

This maneuver was very popular with the group of people I was standing with on a residential road near the base. They come down in close formation then separate in different directions as they speed toward the earth.

Since we were not on the grounds when they took off, we thought we were out of luck - maybe they wouldn't fly over our position. But after a late start, the Hornets flew all over the sky and we were not disappointed.

These jets reach speeds of up to 700 mile per hour and they go as "slow" as 120 mph during the show. The Blue Angels are named after a New York nightclub.

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